negotiation intelligence

A holistic, digital approach that supports the end-to-end negotiation process. Optimizing negotiations with a detailed and transparent documentation to then be able to scale these success factors in organizations to generate more value.

How it works

negotiation intelligence (ni) enables the digital enhancement of an organization’s capability to negotiate face-to-face, supported by human coaching.

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Meet your expert team

Josef Wagner

Josef brings more than 30 years of experience in procurement within large trading/retail corporations, acting as Chief Procurement Officer for 15 years and is an absolute expert in negotiating.

Jörg Köck

Jörg brings over 30 years of leadership in procurement and supply management, is an expert negotiator and supports leading corporations in increasing their negotiation competence with great success.

Christof Haberland

Christof has over 25 years of leadership in international corporations. Aside from organizational-, innovation- and project mgmt expertise in the construction industry, he is deeply engaging with the future of negotiating.

Timm Knaup

Timm has 15+ years of experience in procurement, 10 of those as Head of Procurement in Asia. He is especially an expert in supplier development as well as negotiating and collaborating in multicultural contexts.

Do you want to better understand how negotiation intelligence will help you to perform better as a procurement organization?

Get in touch with us so we can develop an implementation package which is individually tailored to your specific situation.

Playbooks: guided negotiations, in real-time

The cloud-based software guides you when planning your negotiation.

Integrated playbooks guide you step-by-step and in real-time while negotiating face-to-face or remote.

Speech recognition can ensure that no argument is forgotten afterwards. Your conversation is recorded and can be analyzed. Based on that you can improve playbooks as well as your personal negotiation skills.

How negotiation intelligence influences your business

More Transparency

Data-Driven Mindset

Cross-Organizational Knowledge Sharing

Increased Productivity

Higher Value Capture

Implementation of a Systematic Approach

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